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Reflections by Sunil Uttam

Greetings dear friends!

This is my first post on my personal blog and before I start writing more frequently, I thought I’ll clarify the purpose of my personal writing, which includes my stories, thoughts and feelings.

One of the books I read a long time ago has stuck with me ever since: “Notes to Myself: My struggle to become a person” by the late Hugh Prather

I have read that book multiple times and only during my second read, did I realize that the author is not giving any advice.

All the author was doing, was share insights into his own life, which triggered a lot of neurons in my head to reflect on those insights and see how they apply to my life.

I believe, simply receiving advice, in most cases is irrelevant and untimely. I can absorb advice, only when I most need it (in context). If the advice comes as a continuous feed, it’s out of context and just lazy consumption with no impact to bring about a change.

On the other hand, observing something, reading something, listening to a story, experiencing something and then going inwards to see how this can transform me in some form is an active and more enduring approach to “self-change”. It’s a need-based pull.

We do not learn from experience, We learn from reflecting on experience — John Dewey

Hence, my purpose of being here and connecting with you wonderful people will be to take an approach to share my life experiences, the insights I gained from these experiences and leaving it to you to figure out how to use this to improve your life (if relevant and timely)

I learn best when there is intent and the need to solve a real problem. I then seek out information, solutions, advice, mentors,and whatever it takes to prep myself for adapting to the demands of the new workload.

Looking forward to an engaging time with you folks.


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